About Me

Hi.  Usually, some kind of conversation starts with an opener.  A real slow, low ball, ‘hey’ is.

I want to give you a little run down of what kind of operation we’ve got going on here.  My name is Keith Bingham, writer extraordinaire.  I fancy myself, the pen goes to page, and so it is.  This is how we roll, this is how we do like we do what we do when we do, it’s how we do. Who’s we, you ask? The eponymous we, the royal we, not me, maybe you, and someone else, maybe God. The creator or the divine. Maybe not.  Maybe the mote of dust we all live on!  Alas, let me not get carried away!

Look, I know I’m here saying these crazy things, but there’s a blog here, too.  There are materials for sale, bring your cold, hard-earned cash dollar and bring you some home.





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